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How to use a monthly mortgage calculator

Everybody wants to know how much they will be paying each month for their mortgage. Rather than waiting for the house loan provider to tell you, you could work out an estimate with a home loan calculator. They are easy to use and you could work out if there is anything that you need to change to make your monthly payments more affordable.

Find a calculator online

The first thing you need to do is find a mortgage calculator online that you can use. There are many on the Internet and some are easier to use than others. Go through them until you find one that you like the look of.

Get the paperwork together

You will need to have paperwork about your mortgage so you can input the numbers into the calculator. You will need the loan amount, the interest rates and the term of the mortgage.

Enter the loan amount

To find out how much the mortgage will cost each month, you need to determine the amount that you want to borrow. This will be the full property amount, plus the taxes and legal fees but less the deposit that you are putting down.

Enter the term of the loan

This is the length of time that you want to take the loan out for. Most mortgages will run for 30 year. However, you can shorten or lengthen this time if you wish. It will depend on your age, other financial commitments and your children. You can opt for up to 40 years if your circumstances need it or you may be restricted to 10 years.

The interest rates

This is the part which makes the calculation an estimate. There are different types of mortgages, such as variable or fixed rate mortgages, which will mean that the interest rate will change over time. You should find the closest to what you will be offered for this calculation.

Click calculate

Once you click calculate, you will find out just how much you will need to pay each month when you get a mortgage.

Make changes

If your monthly amount is not what you expected, you will need to make changes to the variables that you are putting in. The term of the home loan is usually the first consideration. However, you could also look at increasing your mortgage deposit so that you need to take out less. Remember that this will also change the amount that you need to pay in the long-term.

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