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Is hypnosis an effective weight loss method?

Recently, hypnosis has been gaining popularity as a means of achieving weight loss. There are many weight loss hypnotic methods available to the eager dieter, from one-on-one hypnotic session to weight loss CDs. This article provides a useful guide to weight loss hypnosis.

How hypnosis helps weight loss

Hypnosis works for some dieters. However, it is necessary to possess some knowledge about the nature of hypnosis in order to achieve success with weight loss hypnosis. Everyone wants to lose weight instantly, and any method which helps this process is worth considering. While hypnosis may seem strange, in reality it is just another motivational weight loss method. Function
Hypnosis works by communicating directly with the unconscious mind. Negative experiences result in negative self-beliefs, which are then stored in the unconscious mind. With hypnosis therapy, it is possible to readjust these internal self-defeating beliefs, which in turn will help the dieter to maintain their weight loss diet. Approaches
There are two approaches which the dieter can take. Either they can see a hypnotist for one-on-one sessions or they can purchase some hypnotic weight loss DVDs. Those who set out to see a hypnotist are obviously going to have a program tailored-made for them, which more than likely will be more successful than using a DVD.

What the dieter needs to know before using hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy does not produce miracles
Firstly, even when effective, hypnosis is not a miracle therapy. Hypnosis succeeds in aiding weight loss by promoting motivation. After all, the two factors which bring most diets to a halt are comfort eating pangs and habitual longings. Factors that discourage the dieter
Longings to return to old habits will fade away after approximately three weeks of pursuing a new habit. The main problem then is comfort eating pangs and hypnosis will help reduce this. However, the dieter still needs to develop an effective diet in order to lose weight fast. Secondly, there are two hypnotic approaches; one which authoritatively suggests to the mind that certain beliefs are changing and another which communicates with the mind in an attempt to discover the negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. The first method is rather risky because it forces the mind to change without substituting a positive belief for a negative one. It may work at helping to reduce comfort eating pangs. However, in this case, the unconscious mind will be forced to find another outlet for stress, which could be more harmful than comfort eating. Conclusion
Consequently, prior to taking up hypnosis treatment, it is important to make sure that the treatment plan is focused upon helping the unconscious mind to create positive self-beliefs. Hypnosis training, will therefore result in weight loss without any negative side effects.

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