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Legal free music download programs

The words 'free downloads' immediately convey the impression of illegal sites. It is worth noting that there are perfectly legal music download websites. People can use these sites without any risk of recriminations or damage to their computers or MP3 players. This article describes free legal music download programs.


There is a very interesting article on that gives links to thousands of software sites where you can legally download music for free. It gives deals for different mixes and artists. The latter post their tracks online for consumption by the masses and do not incur the risk of them being sued. Most of these sites do not cater for music by well-known artists. The tracks are also available legally for free. You only need to know the content of the websites. Some websites will charge a subscription fee, but it is minimal when compared to the price of discs or any fines that might be levelled at you if you are sued for attempting to file share.

MP3 Rocket

Rocket MP3 is one program that allows free legal music to be downloaded. This is a subscription service, but they offer a free software version as well. The difference is in terms of more advertisements, a reduced choice of songs and a slower download than the paid version. The software is easy to download and has the same basic layout as hundreds of other websites of its kind. This means that whatever website or program that you have used in the past, you can use the site with ease and without any hassles. The free version has access to 15 million tracks whilst the paid version has access to 120 million tracks. The paid version also has access 1080p video that the free version lacks.

Musicians Network

Musicians Network offers access to different types of music software. The websites usually claim that the use of their software is legal, but it is worth checking the sources to make sure of this. If you are using a YouTube ripper, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the source from which you are downloading. It is worth noting that if you have to pay for the software, then you should be able to use it to look for tracks and to download them. It is recommended to check the site from which you are downloading or ripping the tracks from so as to cover yourself.

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