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Popular coffee cake recipe

The best recipes have been handed down from your family. They are simple and tasty. This recipe is one that most people will find simple and delicious. Read on this article to know about a popular coffee cake recipe.

Get the right ingredients

For your basic sponge, which is the basis of your coffee cake, you will need to have equal parts of flour, butter or margarine, baking powder and castor sugar. Refined brown sugar can be added to offer a richer flavour.

Change amounts depending on how much you need

One hundred gram of each will give you a sponge which is suitable for two hungry adults. So, adjust the amounts accordingly. How big the cake is will depend on the size of your oven, and how many people will be eating it.

Getting the right consistency

Mix these four ingredients until you have a firm paste, then beat in two eggs. If you have an allergy, or want to change the texture slightly, you can substitute this for a small amount of milk. This turns the dry ingredients into a more recognisable cake consistency.

Main ingredient

To this, you will need to add some pre-brewed coffee which has a strong taste. Italian style blends work well. The coffee must be of a good quality, even if you have chosen to use an instant variety. This is what will give the cake the taste that you want, which is a balance of sweetness and a dark aroma of coffee.

Oven ready

Your baking tin should be greased all the way around to prevent it from sticking during baking process. Spoon the mixture into a baking tin, and then place into an low-medium oven around gas mark four, or one hundred and eighty degrees.

Remove, then settle

Once it has cooked for forty minutes, you will need to check that it is done. You can do this by sticking a pin into the middle. If it comes up dry, then it's done. If it remains sticky, then give it a few more minutes.

Leave to cool

It is best that you leave it to cool for at least an hour. Check to see that it is at room temperature, then you are ready to ice.


Icing sugar on a cake is something of a decadent treat. It is not the healthiest option, but it really adds a little extra to the taste and texture. Partially combine melted butter with icing sugar, and form into a thick paste.

More coffee

You will need a small amount of coffee to add to this. Again, it should be flavoursome to counteract the rich sweetness of the icing sugar. This should be stirred. Add icing sugar to get the right consistency.

The best part

Tasting is the best part of this easy coffee cake recipe.

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