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Ideas for cooking light recipes that are low in salt and fat

We all need to occasionally give out bodies a break, whether or not the doctor ordered it. Ready-made meals can be full of salt and fat over which we have no control, so it is best to cook our own. Below are two light, summer bright recipes that are ideal for lunch or a light evening meal.


Savoury Stuffed Pancakes
Take 3 tablespoons of white flour and beat with one whole egg, a tablespoon of oil, a small pinch of salt and 100ml semi-skimmed milk.
Fry using a one egg sized non-stick frying pan.
Heat the oven and place each pancake into a wrap of foil in the oven to keep warm as you go. Stuffing
Chop one medium tomato, two salad onions, a pepper and mix with one grated clove of garlic and some herbs.
Fry gently in the saucepan (separately from the pancakes) until softened.
Add a small pinch of salt and a big grind of pepper.
Place a pancake on a plate, add the tomatoes in the middle and roll it up. Other ideas for stuffing A healthy dollop of cottage cheese with added herbs and raw diced onion. 2 slices of salami or pepperoni fried with the tomato mix, a large piece of leek, chopped and sautéed in a teaspoon of oil with a tablespoon of soft cheese melted through. Beans and Tuna
For the beans: Take one can of butter beans, drain and rinse.
Chop half a de-seeded red bell pepper, a medium tomato and half a red chilli if liked.
Grate a garlic clove into the bowl if wanted.
Scissor a bunch of fresh coriander or parsley leaves into the salad.
Mix the beans and the vegetables together and squeeze half a lemon over it. Add a small pinch of salt and pour two teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil over salad.
Toss with enthusiasm and serve out on two plates into a mound. The tuna Drain one can of tuna steak and share between the two plates, breaking it up a little and placing the pieces on top of the beans.

Tips to remember

Points to consider
1. Avoid ready cooked meals from the supermarket and when possible, cook your own.
2. Go for strong flavours, with garlic, chilli and herbs so that you know you have eaten something.
3. Fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel are known as 'fatty' fish, but they are rich in fats that are good for us and lighter than meat.
4. For more healthy cooking light and quick recipes for two, try the Eating Well website.

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