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Product review: Revitol hair removal cream

There are many hair removal creams on the market today. Those who are thinking about purchasing one of these products may be wondering how Revitol stacks up against other products. Like with any other hair removal system, there are both positive and negative aspects to using Revitol hair removal cream.

Understanding depilatory creams

In order to understand why Revitol works, one must know how to use depilatory creams. Hair removing cream is simply a thick cream that the user smears over their skin. It works by dissolving the hair underneath the skin. This causes the hair to grow back finer. This method leaves the skin smooth for approximately
seven to ten weeks.

Positive points

No pain endured
The biggest benefit to this product is that it is painless. In order to make sure that the cream does not give the user a rash or allergic reaction, a spot test must be done before applying the product. The majority of users will not feel any pain, irritation or have allergic reactions.
Easy application
Another benefit of this cream is that it is easy to use. All the user needs to do is apply it to their skin and leave it for five to ten minutes. After this time is up, they can hop into the shower and rinse the cream off.
Unlike razors, this cream can be used on almost any area of the body. For example users can use it on their upper lip as well as on their legs. This product offers the user convenience and the opportunity to save time by removing all body hair at the same time.

Negative points

Like many other depilatory creams Revitol has a slight odour. However this odour is less pungent than other brands. Those that have used this cream before will already know what smell to expect. First time users will adjust to the scent very quickly. Cost
This brand is slightly more expensive than other brands of depilatory creams. However it is worth the cost as the results are long lasting, the odour is reduced and the formula is gentle enough for people with sensitive skin to use.
Possible negative side effects
Lastly, some people may experience an allergic reaction. This may show up as a rash, itchiness or in more severe cases, burn. This cannot be avoided as some people are more sensitive to these products than others.
Final user notice
Due to this, it is important to test the product on a small area of skin before applying it. This will save the user from having an allergic reaction all over the body.

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