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When to use pink lipstick

Pink isn’t just for little girls anymore. Bright pink lipstick and subtle shades of baby pink are all over the catwalk, the red carpet, and on the pavement today. Pink power is back and even if you think you cannot pull off pink lips, you can if you wear it at the right time in the right shade.

When to wear pink lipstick

Hot pink lips are everywhere today, but it isn’t exactly suitable for everyday wear or for every season. The best time to wear pink lipstick is during the spring and summer months, although subtle pinks are appropriate for winter formal events. Keep pink lips out of the office and workplace. Save it for social gatherings, formal events like spring and summer weddings, and for a night out clubbing and having fun.

Colour tips

There are just as many shades of pink as there are of red, making it a tough choice when deciding to go pink. Here are some of the trendiest and freshest pinks colours worn today: Bubble gum pink – Wear it to match perfectly pink cheeks for a fresh faced looked. Ballet slipper pink – A sheer and understated pink that is almost nude. It works perfectly when you play up the eyes. Pale rose with hints of gold – Roses with a hint of gold create a subtle vibrant hue that goes perfectly with caramel-coloured skin tones. Punchy fuchsia pink – Fuchsia should be matte, opaque and paired with lush lashes and a fresh face to pull off the colour. Hot pink – Hot pink is the perfect spring and summer alternative to classic winter red. It’s perfect for any occasion that you would normally wear red to.

How to pull off pink lipstick

Sporting pink lipstick takes a bit of courage and can be rather daring. However, it is a gorgeous colour that when done right, gives you a fresh, vibrant look. These tips can help you pull off the perfect pouty pink lips easily: - Keep it simple.
- Wear pink lipsticks as accessories, not to match pink clothes.
- Go easy on the blush.
- Pink lips and pink cheeks can be too much pink.
- Try a nude coloured blush instead of pink.
- If you must wear pink, opt for a beige-pink colour applied very lightly.
- Consider your undertones before choosing a bright pink lipstick.
- The best lipstick for cool undertones is blue-pinks whilst warm skin tones look great with
orange-pinks. Final word Most importantly, you only live once, so don’t worry if someone else hates pink on you. If you are confident enough to wear it and like it, then grab some hot pink lipstick and hit the town!

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