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Reasons why I love my black TV stand

Personally, TV stands which are black in colour are my favorite. The right racks and stands for TVs can make a world of difference in getting the right look. In this article, I have highlighted the latest types of TV stands available today and the functional aspects that go into your selection.

Popular designs of TV stands

Some of the most popular types of TV stands include the cantilever TV stand, TV cabinets, wall TV mounts and glass stands. Cantilever stand
This design is especially great for slim LCDs and plasma TVs. The cantilever mechanism latches on the TV to keep it in the right position while the TV shelf provided below provides optimum housing capabilities for the rest of the entertainment equipment. LCD Cabinets
This variant of TV furniture is perhaps the most diverse of the lot. While corner cabinet designs are great for saving space, the more elaborate cabinet stands provide enough room for large TVs and all their attachments with video and audio racks for the players as well as DVD racks to store your favorite movies and albums. TV wall stand
A distant cousin of the cantilever stand, the TV wall stand is a minimalistic yet functional design that keeps your LCD television firmly fixed on to the wall. This is great for office and small bedrooms that cannot afford the space for LCD stands.
Glass stand
An absolute designer’s treat, black glass flat TV stands have shelves made of strong and sturdy glass for the more economical carbon fiber to support your LCD and Plasma TV. This comes complete with racks for the rest of the media gadgets.

How to choose your TV stand

The design of the table, TV size and any extra media equipment should influence your choice. Their specific roles are highlighted below.
TV size versus the cabinet
While LCD TVs are lightweight, they can still be quite heavy, especially when clamped onto a shoddy cantilever stand or wall mount. If the material does not have high tensile strength, then the stand head will bend and break off eventually. Space for other equipments
Always choose a stand keeping in mind the extra equipment connected to your TV. It makes no sense if your Blu-Ray player or Xbox console must be kept outside the TV table stand.
Wood, glass or fiber
These are the three basic materials used for manufacturing surfaces, shelves and doors of TV stands, LCD and Plasma alike. Each material has its own pros and cons. Therefore, choose wisely, keeping your requirements in mind.

The Ideal TV Stand

Always remember that choosing your LCD TV stand need not have to be one based on either functionality or design. A good choice involves taking both factors into consideration.

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