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Review: Beauty and the Beast TV series

Have you heard about the American drama series called Beauty and the Beast and would you like to learn more about this show? Here you will read more about the cast, the story lines and the run of the show.

The plot

Plot overview
The TV show Beauty and the Beast was an updated version of the well known fairy tale.
It centred on the relationship of noble man/beast Vincent and Catherine.
It is set in New York and shows the city on the surface, and the hidden world beneath what you see.
In comparison to the fairy tale where the beast is transformed, Vincent starts with inner beauty that remains.
It is Catherine who is transformed by their contact.

The cast

The Beauty and the Beast series started with Ron Perlman playing Beauty and the Beasts' Vincent and Linda Hamilton as Catherine.
In the second series the character of Catherine died and was replaced for the third series by the character Diana Bennet, played by Jo Anderson.
Bennet was the policewoman investigating Catherine's murder who because of this comes into contact with Vincent.
The part of Vincent was the breakthrough for Ron Perlman who won the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV show for his part. He went on to play in the TV show Sons of Anarchy and as the lead in the movie Hellboy and its sequel.
Linda Hamilton returned to television after having starred in movies to play the part of Catherine in the Beauty and the Beast TV show.
She received two Golden Globe and one Emmy nomination for the part.
She went on to play the female lead in The Terminator and the sequel in the early nineties.

About Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast TV series was critically acclaimed and ran between 1987 and 1990 on CBS.
The make up for the character of Vincent was done by the great make up artist Rick Baker who had previously worked on Thriller and The Werewolf. Cancellation
The show was very popular during the first two seasons. But the ratings dwindled after the character of Catherine died. Purchase
To watch Beauty and the Beast order the DVD on
For more information on the show, check out

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