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Sir Speedy: The facts

Based in Mission Viejo, California, United States, Sir Speedy is a printing, copying and document management company. Now with over 1,000 franchises in 26 different American States, it has grown since its foundation in 1968 to become one of the world's largest companies of its kind.


Early years
The first Sir Speedy printing centre opened in Costa Mesa, California in 1968. It was purchased by Kampgrounds of America in 1977, after almost a decade of growth. The 1980s saw the company embrace new technologies, and was among the first in its industry to use Macintosh computers, as well as fax machines and colour copiers.
A website was launched in 1995, with international expansion leading to a current extension of 800 locations in 16 countries. Online document management and web to print facilities were introduced in the early years of the 21st Century, with the company continuing its reputation for embracing new technology right up to the present day.

Products & Services

Sir Speedy offers an extensive range of print and data handling related services. The company's digital printing service can print small and large runs, and they also offer a print on demand book publishing service.
The large format printing service makes signs, posters and banners, suitable for a variety of occasions. Other services
The company also works to create effective direct marketing strategies for clients and aims to incorporate these strategies into data management systems. Sir Speedy can help a customer create direct mailings, whether in the form of a postcard, brochure or newsletter.
In fact, the company focuses on all media which can generate leads from prospective customers. The company's data management service focuses on both capturing data and using it effectively, offering services such as list profiling and list acquisition, as well as response tracking and reporting.

Corporate Information

Further information
At the core of the company's ethos is the desire to help clients achieve enhanced growth of their brand.
Sir Speedy has also always adopted a forward-thinking approach to the integration of new technologies into their methodologies and services. Final word
Now owned by Franchise Services, Inc., a franchise management company, Sir Speedy has won numerous awards, including the International Franchise Association’s Franchise of the Year Award.

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