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Take a Break magazine: the facts

Take a Break magazine is one of Britain's most popular "women's weeklies". This article will give you the essential facts about the magazine - what it's about, who it's aimed at, and how to buy it.


On the Take a Break website, the magazine is described as "Britain's best selling women's magazine". It was launched in 1990 by H. Bauer, the largest private publisher in Europe. This company also publishes many other lifestyle and puzzle magazines, including Spirit and Destiny Magazine, and Eat In.
Stories published
The magazine mainly comprises of real-life women's stories, many of which may be shocking or scandalous. The magazine searches for stories concerning women across the UK. This gives you the opportunity to sell your story as well. In fact, Take a Break may pay up to £1,000 (22/05/11) for stories and interviews. The magazine is therefore aimed at women who like to read about real-life situations, rather than celebrity news. Competitions and campaigns
Along with stories and features, the magazine also offers competitions and runs many campaigns to raise awareness concerning real-life issues or charitable causes. For example, the Mastectomy Pride campaign aims to raise mastectomy awareness by featuring stories from sufferers. Also, the Jobs4Mums campaign fights to give female employees with children the right to flexible working hours. The Chums4Mums scheme also aims to help mothers across the UK to meet other like-minded mothers for support and friendship. All you have to do is register on the website and they will put your profile online. This provides a support network to mothers who simply want a new friend to chat to!

Where to buy and how to subcribe

All major newsagents and supermarkets stock Take a Break magazine, and it is currently priced at 82p (prices as at 22.05.11). You can also subscribe to Take a Break on the H. Bauer website, along with many of the company's other magazines and puzzle books. Take a Break Magazine is also related to a few "spin off" magazines which also use the same name. For example,Take a Break Fiction Feast has a more comprehensive selection of stories, while Take a Break Fate and Fortune gives lots of great psychic advice along with in-depth star sign readings and other mystic features.
Puzzle and crossword magazines
The brand also publishes a wide variety of puzzle magazines, including Take a Puzzle, Take a Crossword, Code Breakers, Wordsearch, Sudoku Killer, among many others. You can subscribe to all of these on the H. Bauer website.

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