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The Dresden Files (TV mini-series 2007): Review and rate

Originally aired in the USA in early 2007 on the Sci-Fi channel, the Dresden Files - 12 part series found popularity not just in its homeland but also in the UK when it was shown by Sky One later in the same year. Starring Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden, a wizard, and Valerie Cruz as Lt. Connie Murphy, the series centres around police cases that may be supernaturally related.


Although based on the books by Jim Butcher, the Dresden Files on TV do not follow exactly the same story as the books. Butcher himself is reported as saying ' is meant as an alternate world, where the overall background and story-world is similar, but not all the same things happen.' Dresden is a reluctant hero, describing himself as a professional wizard but who often helps the police with certain paranormal cases. He himself had a troublesome childhood with his mother, a witch, dying when he was young. His father, a magician, was in turn murdered by his uncle who wanted to take Harry for his own. Lt. Connie Murphy provides a link to the Chicago police force and she regularly turns to Harry for help on unexplained cases. Although, she claims not to believe in magic, she recognises his unique talent for problem-solving. Besides which, she appears to grow emotionally attached to him the longer the series runs. Terrence Mann stars as Hrothbert "Bob" of Bainbridge, an old spirit who belongs to Dresden and advises him on magical as well as personal issues. Bob died in 900AD but his soul was kept alive as a punishment for using black magic.


Each of the twelve episodes had a running time of 45 minutes. The full list of episodes are: 1) Birds of a feather.
2) The Boone Identity.
3) Hair of the dog.
4) Rules of engagement.
5) Bad blood.
6) Soul beneficiary.
7) Walls.
8) Storm front.
9) The other Dick.
10) What about Bob?
11) Things that go bump.
12) Second city. Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage was among the executive producers for the series but sadly, in August 2007, the Sci-Fi channel announced that the Dresden Files Season 2 would not go ahead. The first series is now available to buy on DVD.

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