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The benefits of catnip tea

For centuries, drinking tea has been long since associated with good health and well-being, helping soothe the body and mind. There are so many different types of tea herbs available today, such as nettle leaf tea, herbal green tea, Chinese herbal tea, chamomile tea, hibiscus tea and catnip herb tea. Read on to learn more about the benefits of drinking catnip tea.

What are the benefits of drinking catnip tea?

A soothing cup of tea is often a popular refreshment during the day or evening, allowing one to relax and be calm. While most people have read or heard about the positives of green tea, chamomile tea and red tea benefits, few have come across catnip tea and are aware of how this tea can help. The benefits of drinking catnip tea Although the name does not sound as tempting as other types of herbal tea, catnip tea is in fact a very useful tea for a lot of different reasons. Catnip tea has many positive qualities and is rated highly amongst medicinal teas, with it even being gentle enough for children. Key examples of the benefits associated with drinking catnip tea, include as follows: - Helps with digestion problems,
- Mild herbal sedative,
- Helps to relieve stress,
- Herbal remedy for those suffering from respiratory infections,
- Calms,
- Relaxes,
- Helps to lessen migraine headaches,
- Treats fever, and
- Helps those with toothaches.

Where to buy catnip tea

If you are among the many who have never heard of catnip tea, you may be wondering where on earth you can get hold of this healing herbal tea. Your best port of call is the local health food shop or healthcare pharmacy. Most health food shops stock a wide range of medicinal teas and other herbal or natural supplement. Buying catnip tea If you prefer to shop online for herbal teas and other remedies, you can choose from a whole range of catnip tea suppliers at many different internet stores. Here are some practical examples of where you can buy catnip tea, in addition to many other types of medicinal teas, often at a fraction of the usual retail prices: - Vitamins UK,
- Amazon,
- Discount Supplements UK,
- Healthy Supplies UK, and
- Tea Warehouse UK.

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