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The benefits of private healthcare systems

An organisation that is either public or private, healthcare systems are structures of institutions, resources and people that provide for the needs of a certain population. Both public and private healthcare systems are available in the UK. Those weighing the pros and cons of utilising private healthcare will benefit from the information provided in this article.

Shorter waiting times

One of the biggest advantages of using a private healthcare system is shorter waiting times for procedures. NHS services all the people in the UK, which means that people who do not have life-threatening problems will wait a longer time to have their procedures completed. A person with access to a private health insurance will be able to have the procedure finished more quickly

Elderly care

Having access to a private healthcare system can give an elderly person access to a higher quality, more personal elderly care. With the rapidly ageing population, public nursing homes and care providers may not have the time and resources to give as much time to those in their care as they desire. Access to private healthcare systems give those in their golden years more options in regards to their care in their final years.

Infertility problems

Those struggling with infertility problems are able to have three rounds of IVF under the NHS system. In addition to this, IVF is only administered if the woman is between 23 and 39 years of age and there is a history of infertility. Private healthcare systems allow those with these problems to continue to try to have a baby after they have used their three NHS IVF treatments.

Obesity procedures

Those struggling with obesity problems can use their private healthcare system in order to get procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric banding to help with their weight problems. The NHS offers these procedures only to people whose lives are being threatened by their weight. This means that people who would not have access to these procedures under the NHS might have to turn to a private healthcare system for help. A person who gets these procedures, whether through the NHS or a private healthcare system, needs to commit to lifestyle changes in order for the surgery to be successful. References: CDC News Canada: Public vs. Private Healthcare- Private Healthcare UK- National Healthcare Systems UK-

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