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The benefits of quality bathroom ceramic tile

There are a number of benefits to using quality ceramic tiles within your bathroom and these include their strength and durability. They are also easy to clean and give an individual design to your bathroom. They are very waterproof, making them an ideal surface for your walls and floor. To find out about the benefits of using quality tiles, read the guide below.

What are ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles
This term is often used generically for all types of tiles. True ceramic tiles are made of clay, mixed with other minerals and water which is then subjected to a heat process to create a solidified product. The top surface is treated with a glaze which becomes the design layer making the ceramic tile very waterproof. Long lasting Quality-glazed ceramic tiles when correctly installed will last longer than any other non-tile material. When coated with a Grade III or better glaze, the surface is highly resistant to scratching and to moisture penetration.

Water-resistant and installation benefits.

Resistant material Along with being one of the easiest surfaces to clean, ceramic tiles do not absorb odours or when they are cleaned, they do not provide a place for allergens or bacteria to develop. Quality finished ceramic tiles will not burn, emit any toxic fumes or even become scorched in the event of a fire. Installing ceramic over porcelain tiles Ceramic tiles are easier to install taking into account the requirement of more specialised tools needed for cutting porcelain tiles. Correct cutting and shaping of porcelain tiles and their requiring an experienced tile fitter to complete this task make ceramic tiles a better option for the average DIY enthusiast.

Strength, durability and design

Strength and durability Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms. The walls and floors are subjected to plenty use and regular cleaning in their everyday use through showers and baths. Design or look With an almost limitless range of design options and colours available, the use of quality ceramic tiles within your bathroom means that you can give your bathroom whatever look or style you desire. With a range of finishes available, your tiles can even look like natural stone, brick or other popular design materials.


Ease of cleaning Bathrooms fitted with ceramic tiled floors and walls are very easy to clean. Dirt, grime and soap residue do not adhere to the tiles and a simple wash of the tiles is all that is needed. For a more thorough bathroom cleaning session bleach or other similar cleaning materials will not damage your tiles, simply leave them looking clean and fresh.

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