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The benefits of shag carpet

This article discusses in detail about the benefits of a shag carpet, tips for maintenance and some aspects that may not work for certain homes. In recent times, the contemporary look in home decor is in vogue and shag carpets will make an excellent accessory to any modern living room. Available in a wide variety of colours, textures and sizes, they are the perfect companion to the quintessential sofa or the couch.

What is a shag carpet?

Shag carpets or shag rugs derive their name from their "shaggy" appearance, the fabric appears shaggy. Used to make deep-pile carpets, shag rugs have recently gained popularity for lending a very soft feel and gives every room a very cosy touch. The distinguishing feature about shag carpets are the long yarn fibres attached to the back of the carpet, giving it an irregular pattern, which gives a naturally messy look. It gives it a "lived in" sort of look to a home. Available in a variety of fibres like wool, acrylic or cotton, shag carpets are sold in long, short and mini versions too. For general upkeep and maintenance of shag carpets, avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. Turn carpet around occasionally to regulate wear and tear.

Positive points

Soft and plush feel
Shag carpets have a very soft feel to them and it feels heavenly to walk on them. The messy long fibrous carpets give a cosy and inviting ambiance to a home. Accessible
With its growing popularity, shag rugs are easily available and a regular among other varieties in stores. They are also available online in Target, Pottery barn etc. Durable
Shag rugs are most suitable to be used in areas where people frequently move around and stay. Especially, wool shag rugs are durable, naturally stain resistant and insulating. Since they insulate your floor, they are excellent during winter for warmth and in the summers, a cool haven that gives respite from the heat. Stylish
Shag rugs have a unique quality and serve as a focal point in a contemporary home. They are very comfortable and soft and certainly add a stylish zing to the decor.

Negative points

Requires proper care
Shag carpets are high maintenance as dirt sticks easily to the long yarn patterns on the carpet. Regular vacuuming might become a necessity. The key is to remove spills and stains immediately, in order to maintain and protect the rugs in the long run. Frequent Shedding
As shag rugs are made of long fibres, they tend to shed a lot initially like loose hair or fur. Over time, the shedding diminishes after frequent use.

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