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The memorable John Mayer tour dates

John Mayer's music is internationally recognised. This is because John Mayer's songs are played around the world and of course, with the Internet, everyone can get access to and listen to his work. He also does quite a bit of touring where fans can see and hear him live in concert, performing their favourite tunes. Over the years, there has been many memorable John Mayer tour dates.

About John Mayer

John Mayer music was influenced by his childhood in Connecticut where he listened to a variety of music including both pop and blues. Blues would eventually be the most dominant musical influence on his craft. At the age of nineteen, he pursued his musical education at Berklee College of Music and Theatre, but soon dropped out when he realised that he much preferred to make music rather than study it. He however, continued an informal musical education by frequenting songwriters’ hangout spots like Eddie’s Attic. In the year 1999, John Mayer's music started to gain much popularity after he released the album Inside Wants Out which comprised mainly of individual performances and a few with an entire band.

Memorable tour date: One

In 2001, John Mayer toured to promote his debut album Room for Squares with Aware/Columbia Records. This was perhaps one of the most memorable John Mayer tour dates simply because it was his first big tour aimed at promoting his album. It was the first time that his fans were really introduced to him. It was when they fell in love with John Mayer music for the first time. During this tour, John Mayer songs helped him to form a huge loyal fan base and helped to secure him a Grammy nomination for best new artist. This therefore, qualifies him as one of the most memorable John Mayer tour dates ever.

Upcoming John Mayer tour dates

Over the years, there have been many memorable John Mayer tour dates where he has cemented his fan base and even continue to earn new fans of his work. The upcoming John Mayer concert promises to be nothing short of what has come to be expected from John Mayer, memorable and wonderful performances. This concert promises to be just as memorable if not more so, than previous John Mayer tour dates.

The John Mayer website

If you are feeling nostalgic or simply curious, you can find an online archive of John Mayer tour dates as well as upcoming tours on the star’s website. The Archive lists tour dates from 2006 to 2011 and even has a link to purchase John Mayer tickets for upcoming shows.

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