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The pros and cons of Brabantia bins

Brabantia bins are a highly popular addition to any home. These waste bins are recognised for there style and excellent engineering. However, what are the pros and cons of these bins? This article will let you know.

Advantages of Brabantia bins

One of the main advantages of Brabantia steel bins is the engineering. The simple touch bins open at the touch of a button. At a gentle touch, the lid floats open. Not only does with mean that you don't need to worry about bin lids that are reluctant to open, the lid also helps to keep any pets out of the bin. The way the bag is held is another big advantage of a Brabantia canister. In many bins, the liner can easily become damaged but this will not happen in a Brabantia bin.
The liner is held securely in place, so there is no chance of it tearing. Brabantia bins are also very stylish. They fit in with any kitchen and will give your kitchen a modern edge. Also, Brabantia bins are covered by a very reliable guarantee. If you ever need Brabantia parts, these will get sent to your home quickly.
Most customers report that the customer services department is efficient when dealing with these matters. Finally, the bin is designed to keep any odours inside.
This means you will never have to worry about bin smells escaping the bin and making your kitchen less appealing. As you can see, there are many positive reasons to buy a Brabantia bin.

Disadvantages of Brabantia bins

Of course there are some disadvantages to Brabantia bins.
The main disadvantage of buying Brabantia is the price.
After all, a lot of engineering work goes into creating these bins, and that does not come cheap. When buying brand new, a Brabantia bin can expect to set you back around £200.
This seems like a lot for a bin, no matter how well engineered.
Accessories are also expensive. Brabantia produces a selection of bin liners to go with the bins, but these are highly priced.
Final word
Also, it is possible for the mechanism that operates the bin lid to break.
If this happens, you may have to contact the customer services department to get new parts sent to you.

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