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The pros and cons of a king-size sleigh bed

King-sized sleigh beds are spacious for either single or double sleepers, make for a beautiful centrepiece of any room, and will match properly with other furniture. On the other end, those with small bedrooms and small wallets may want to pass up the sleigh bed offer, and stick with a more traditional bed.

Sleigh beds

Everybody wants to sleep comfortably, and in style. Luxury bedrooms practically scream sleigh bed. Sleigh beds come in all different finishes and woods.
Many furniture stores sell sleigh beds, such as Anderson Bradshaw, the Island Bed Company, and Grosvenor Beds. King-sized sleigh luxury beds make for a
one-of-a-kind bedroom focal piece, and can't be beaten in style according to antique buffs.

Positive points

- Spacious
The sizing of a king-size bed is convenient for couples who share the same bed, as well for single sleepers who enjoy a lot of space. - It's a focal piece King-size sleigh beds are absolutely beautiful and make for a great focal piece, especially when decorating in an antique style. Sleigh beds, however, also work with modern, country, vintage, and French themes. Sleigh beds can stand on their own as the centrepiece of the room, or can be accented with various styles of canopy. - Matching Often times, sleigh beds will come with a matching set, making the matching of your bedroom furniture an easy buy. If the sleigh bed does not come in a set, you need not fear. Sleigh beds will match fairly any furniture of the same colour wood. If you can't find matching furniture, the king-size bed can make a great accent piece as well.

Negative points

- Space While the spaciousness of a king-size sleigh bed is great for sleeping, the actual size of the unit may be a problem for smaller bedrooms. Sleigh beds, especially in a king-size, can take up the majority of the floor space in an average-sized room, and can leave little room for other furniture. Smaller rooms that use a king-sized bed usually only have room for a simple dresser or desk. - Price
Sleigh beds can run a high price even in modern stores. Sleigh beds can cost much when being especially purchased at an antique or vintage market. There is little than can be done in order to lessen the expense of a king-size sleigh bed. Whether shopping online, at a bargain store, or in a big-box department store, sleigh beds will always be expensive.

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