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The pros and cons of wrought iron bar stools

Bar stools are unique furniture items which combine a casual relaxed appearance with elegance. Handy in size, bar stools, bring comfort and flair to kitchen counters or home bars. If you are considering wrought iron for your bar stools, here are some pros and cons associated with their use.


Wrought iron furniture has a wide appeal which has endured the test of time. Though contemporary designs are available, wrought iron lends itself best to ornate designs with swirls and floral motifs. They can be combined with other materials like wood, leather and upholstery. They have a high decorative value. Durability
Wrought iron bar stools have excellent durability due to the material characteristics of iron. With good maintenance, they can last a very long time. They are sturdy in performance and superior quality makes for a good investment. Versatility
Wrought iron bar stools can be used in various locations like kitchen breakfast counters, bars and even outdoors as a part of the patio set. Location is important when purchasing bar stools and designs are available to suit every context. If you are likely to grab a quick snack at the kitchen counter, a backless stool should suffice, whereas you may prefer a high back bar chair with upholstered seat for extended seating requirements.


Wrought iron bar stools need regular maintenance. They should be treated with a sealant and wax annually. Paint can chip easily and needs to be addressed. It is critical to prevent rust, since rust can weaken the stool and cause early deterioration. When observed, rusted spots should be sanded down and repainted. Footrests of bar stools are particularly prone to scratches after use and should be refinished. Heat conduction and weight
Wrought iron, being a good conductor of heat feels too hot when used outdoors in the Sun or too cold when the room air conditioning is too low. This can feel uncomfortable on contact, when compared to wood which stays at a comfortable temperature. Expense
Wrought iron bar stools and tables are generally more expensive than other types though a wide price range is available. Check for superior quality of soldering and construction to ensure durability. They are also heavier than similar sized furniture in other materials. Protection to legs
Bar chairs when dragged around can show scratches on the floor. This is avoided by placing leg caps. To maintain the length of the legs and prevent annoying problems like wobbling, flat bases may be inserted in hollow legs. Wrought iron barstools can be great accents in your decor. Ensure you keep location in mind when selecting designs and are diligent about their upkeep.

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