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What to look for in a folding luggage rack

A handy item, a folding luggage rack can bring a lot of convenience to your home. Though commonly associated with hotel luggage racks, these units may also be used in your master bedroom or guest room. In addition to holding up suitcases, luggage racks may have other functions like doubling up as a blanket stand or for placing a breakfast tray. Read this guide on folding luggage racks to help you in your selection.


There is a limited variation in sizes, and the size of luggage items that are often used should be kept in mind. Also, consider that the rack may need to be folded and stored either in a closet or in the room against a wall when not in use. Height Generally, the height of the rack is about 20 inches and width is about 22 to 24 inches. Racks with wall-saving features may have additional height of up to 30 inches. Common depth dimensions are 15 to 18 inches. Depth may be reduced to about four inches when folded.

Material and construction

The structure of the rack may be of solid wood or metal sections. Solid oak wooden racks are popular and can match with the decor. Chrome racks are made up of stainless steel construction and chrome finished. Metal racks should always be provided with rubber shoes to ensure that they stay secured in place and do not scratch the floor. Specification Always check the specification in the manufacturer’s data to see the rating of load bearing capacity of the rack. Check if the piece is pre-assembled. If any assembly is required, make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure. Webbing
Luggage rack webbing is usually made up of nylon strips. The performance and strength of the rack will also depend on the number and width of the nylon straps. Strap widths may range from two to four inches.


Luggage racks can be selected to complement the room decor. Wooden racks are available in various tones and finishes. Some are provided with curved legs and decorative profiles to add interest and decorative value.
Wall protecting profile
A useful feature is the provision of a wall protecting profile, which prevents luggage items from scraping against the wall and damaging it. Chrome racks appear more functional in nature, and may complement a more contemporary decor where materials like steel or glass have been used. The webbing is also available in various colours, and can be selected to match with other furnishings and upholstery. Ensure superior quality and blend with the decor when buying a luggage rack.

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