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Tips for fitting bathroom wall tiles

One of the most popular kinds of materials for floors and walls of bathrooms all around the world is a tile. Fitting a tile all by yourself can be quite a difficult chore. However, by following a few simple tips and handy hints you can make sure that the entire process of fitting your bathroom tiles is a hassle free and easy one.

Choosing the perfect tile

Immense variety available Since there are a number of different kinds of tile available around us today, it is important that you are sure of the kind of material you want for your bathroom walls. Main types Porcelain tile is one of the most popular materials, thanks to its hardy nature once pasted. Coming close in aspects of popularity are travertine tiles and glass wall tile.

Preparing the white wall for fitting

First steps One of the first steps you should do before actually starting with the cutting tile process is of course making sure, that the walls of your bathroom have been cleaned. Remove all kinds of debris with a bit of sand paper. Ensure white wall is smooth Besides the overall hygienic issues, the cleaning process is also important to make sure that the white wall is absolutely smooth so that the tiles stick better.

Applying the glue and pasting the tiles

Good quality glue needed There are a number of discount tiles adhesive that you will be able to find. Make sure you check on the quality of the adhesive by sampling a bit of it first. The glue is the main thing that holds the tiles together and keeps it on; so be sure that it just as effective in the long run as you would like it to be. Pasting the tiles Now that we have the base ready, we can begin the first step of pasting the tiles. Remember to start right at the bottom of the wall, at the point where the skirting from the bathroom floors gives way to the walls. This will help you to make sure that the edges are all in the same line. Spirit level One of the tools which you are sure to need at this point of time is the spirit level. Keep it handy and make sure that you check on the straightness of the layers of the tiles at regular intervals. Final word By following these simple pointers, you can save on quite a few greens and also ensure satisfaction of getting to fit the tiles all by yourself.

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The benefits of quality bathroom ceramic tile

The benefits of quality bathroom ceramic tile

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