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Where to find Atkins diet recipes

The world famous Atkins diet is top in its field, concerning a no carb diet. Although the diet greatly limits carbs to no more than 20 grams a day, the search for recipes seems to be the biggest hurdle. This article will help you find the best websites to look for Atkins diet recipes and enjoy them.

Atkins website for recipes

The best place to find recipes for diet is at the Atkins website itself. You can find the website by going to There, you will have a choice to search by course for:
Main course -Grains and bread -Desserts -First course -Appetisers -Beverages If you prefer to check by cuisine you can also check there for: -American -Kosher -Middle Eastern -French -Asian -Mediterranean/Greek -All others Then, another plus to this website is to be able to search for recipes by phase. Depending on which phase you are on in the program, will depend on which recipes you can use. The first phase allows only 20 grams of carbs a day. There is also a carb counter, and other weight loss tools to help you be successful.

Atkins products

In order to make your diet successful, Atkins offers products to help you achieve your goals. Keep in mind that Atkins dieters do not count calories, fat or protein grams. Ask yourself, however if such a plan is healthy? The website states that you can lose between 30 to 40 pounds your first month. If you eat everything in sight and have many saturated fats, your weight loss will be less. The Atkins menu is there to entice you to join. Eat smart and eat lean proteins and lots of salads. Atkins offers some new products to consider, such as Atkins bars and Atkins shakes. The Atkins food products are meant to help you succeed where you may have failed in the past. The products are loaded with sugar, so limit yourself.

Other websites for Atkins diet recipes

Besides, the Atkins websites, there are websites that cater especially to diet recipes and free diet ideas for people following this plan.
The websites offer specialty recipes with beautiful pictures and guidelines. The following websites offer diet recipes for you to consider: Common sense searching You do not need to have a specialty website to find recipes that will fit into the Atkins diet plan. Any GI diet (glycemic index diet) recipe will work.
Keep in mind to use a carb counter to keep your carbs under your limit. Simply, look for meat recipes with no breading, flour or additives. Most cheeses have little or no carbs, and can be used on your salad or on the meat.

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