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Weight loss aids: products that are proven to work

With the current concern for health and well being, beauty and social acceptance, many products, diets and exercise regimens are in the market promoting rapid weight loss. Which weight loss aids are scientifically proven to work? Learn more about buying safe and effective weight loss products.

About rapid weight loss

Although obesity is becoming an epidemic there is a reasonable concern for significant weight reduction, the risks of rapid weight loss are many, including gallstones, malnutrition, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Other side effects include headaches, irritability, fatigue, dizziness and constipation. Care must therefore be taken in buying weight loss products or diets that promise rapid weight loss.

Types of weight loss products

The FDA does not regulate OTC weight loss products. Consumers must be warned that marketers may make their claims freely, usually with no research or proof that their products work. Very Low-Calorie Diets
Medically supervised very low-calorie diets (VLCD) are the only proven method of safe, rapid weight loss because they are supported with scientific studies of people on these diets. People on this kind of diet consume meal replacement products that can safely produce 15-25% weight loss in 12 weeks if they finish the program. These meal replacement products usually come in the form of shakes or beverages which are easy to prepare and can be taken anywhere, without the need to count calories. However, they are quite expensive and should be professionally prescribed. Diet pills
Diet pills come in different types, such herbal diet pills and other medications that work by blocking the absorption of nutrients, increasing metabolism, or burning fat. Many are sold over the counter although some may be medically prescribed. Of these products, the statin Xenical is one which has been found to be effective in reducing fat absorption and promoting safe weight loss. However, it works slowly and one is advised to take it with diet and exercise. Despite being approved by the FDA, Xenical also has side effects related to liver injury and must be taken only for a short time. Diet supplements
Slimming teas, green tea extracts and herbal supplements abound in the market, claiming to be weight loss solutions. Most products claim to contain herbal ingredients that may have antioxidant properties and other health benefits. However, most of these contain harmful ingredients like stimulants and colonic irritants that initially cause diarrhea but later leads to constipation due to weakening of intestinal muscles. Final word
Before deciding to buy or use any of these products one must seek medical advice to avoid unwanted side effects and complications. Proper diet and exercise are still the best ways to attain healthy weight reduction. Reference

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Does green tea help you lose weight?

Does green tea help you lose weight?

Several studies have confirmed that green tea can speed up the metabolism and stimulate the oxidation of fat, not only due to its caffeine content, but especially due to catechins. In fact, one study showed that overweight people, who drank green tea extracts rich in catechins everyday, decreased their body weight and waist circumference by about 5%.
Am I Fat?

Am I Fat?

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All about: Eating to lose weight

All about: Eating to lose weight

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