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What are the five top monitor accessories?

Although computer screens can be considered to be a rather boring item within the technological eco-system, there are always plenty of cable accessories, monitor accessories and add ons that you can use to jazz up your monitors.

Brackets and stands

If you're looking for a new approach to displaying your display, there are brackets and stands aplenty for you to choose from. Arms
Monitor arms can often allow you to save massive amounts of space on your desk. Instead of using a traditional monitor with a stand, you can fix your monitor to a single, slender arm, allowing you to ditch the bulky and
space- eating stand that usually accompanies a PC monitor. Monitor arms can be purchased for as cheaply as one pound from several retailers. Brackets
If you're looking to save even more space, or are looking to build a rather cool monitor wall, brackets may just be the accessory for you. They've caught on massively over the past few years, and make it super-simple for you to achieve a modern, uncluttered look by attaching your TV or monitor to your wall. With prices for wall-mounts starting at roughly £7, you can create this look without breaking the bank! Rotary stands
If you still want to stick with a stand, but want the flexibility of showing your monitors to others in the room, a rotary stand may do the trick. These work by combining a normal monitor stand with a turn-table, allowing you to swirl and swivel it to your heart's content.

Smaller bits and bobs

Although brackets and stands are very useful, one cannot ignore the basic, small things that one needs for a monitor. Cleaning
Cleaning is always an issue, and there are always marks and smudges that we want to avoid on our PC monitors. For the more personal user, there are always chamois plushies, that not only make the perfect desktop pals, but do a great job of cleaning monitors and screens with their chamois tummies. For the professional user, there are various cleaning kits out there, providing fantastic cloths, as well as premium screen polish to reduce the amount of marks on your monitor. Glare on the screen
If you use your monitor facing away from a window, you'll know that screen glare can be an annoyance. Luckily, you can always buy a selection of screen glare filters. This means that you can spend your time with your eyes open, getting your work done, rather than glaring and fiddling with the curtains. The Final word
So there you have it - plenty of screen goodies to feast your eyes on.

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