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What to look for when purchasing eye make up remover

Removing your make up at the end of the day is a highly important task if you wish to keep your skin fresh and in good condition. The skin around the eyes is particularly important as it is extra sensitive. This article explores how to choose the best eye make up remover and which are the most effective on the market.

How to choose an eye make up remover

- Ensure that your eye make up remover is oil-free. This will prevent oily residue from lingering around your eyes as you sleep and will facilitate your make up application in the morning - Choose an eye make up remover that includes a moisturiser if you are susceptible to dry skin around the eyes. This will also condition your eye lashes (Nivea makeup) - Choose an eye make up remover that targets waterproof mascara even if you don't wear it. This will ensure that your mascara comes off easily, without you having to pull half of your eyelashes out to get a result - If you have sensitive skin around the eyes, or wear contact lenses, select an eye make up remover specifically designed not to include harsh chemicals. These will be softer on sensitive skin and minimise irritation

Top five eye make up removers on the market

Eye make-up remover
5 - Neutrogena Ultra-Soft Eye Make Up Remover Pads
This product is great for touch ups when you are applying your make up in the morning. If you regularly make errors when applying your make up, this one is for you as it leaves no oily residue so you can reapply straight away. It also removes make up quickly and effectively. 4 - Neutrogena Night Calming Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes
These remove make up effectively whilst giving off a relaxing aroma to calm you down before bed. A great product, although slightly too gentle to dissolve waterproof mascara. 3 - Clean and Clear Make Up Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes
These are not oily, but they yet remove make up (including waterproof mascara!) easily. An all-round great product, and they smell good too!
2 - Andrea Eye Q's Eye Make Up Remover Pads
These are great value for money, and highly effective at removing all make up, including waterproof mascara. Look out for this if you have dry skin around the eyes as they are particularly nourishing, if a little greasy.
1 - Almay Moisturising Eye Make Up Remover Pads
These are at the top spot simply because of how quickly and effectively they remove all make up including waterproof mascara. Again, they are great if you have dry skin as they are very nourishing, but a little oily. It is advisable to wash your face thoroughly after use.

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