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Where to buy a Douwe Egberts coffee maker

Douwe Egberts is brand of coffee that has been in existence since 1753. For several years, Douwe Egberts and Philips started releasing their own coffee machines suitable for the type of coffee they distribute and sell. Find out where you can buy a coffee maker branded under the Douwe Egberts company's coffee system. Read this article to know where to buy a Douwe Egberts coffee maker.

All about the Douwe Egberts coffee system

History Douwe Egberts is a Dutch-owned company that distributes and sells coffee and coffee products. In 2001, it partnered with Philips, another Dutch company to produce the Senseo brand of coffee machines and systems. The line of Senseo machines One or two cup This machine can make one or two cups of coffee and has an extra removable tank. It has a large capacity that avoids refills and allows continuous brewing. Its spout can be regulated as well as the holding tray. Senseo Quadrante A larger machine than the Senseo one or two cups, the new Quadrante offers a larger water tank, adjustable spout and tray. Coffee pods The concept behind brewing coffee with the Senseo machines is the individualised coffee pods. Douwe Egberts coffee is used and available in a wide array of selection from the classic roast, medium and dark roast to coffee sourced from Kenya, Colombia, and Brazil. You can also choose decaf or the regular kind. Accessories To improve and maintain Senseo coffee makers, accessories are sold such as descaler, replacement water tanks, glasses, spare milk containers, pod holders and canisters. Why use the Douwe Egberts coffee systems Excellent brewing results A superbly brewed coffee is always appreciated. Senseo coffee machines make that perfect cup rich in flavour, taste and an aroma that is sure to wake up the senses. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning, after dinner or for staying up late while working. Easy to use It does not matter if you are the only one drinking coffee at home. This machine is ideal for one or two cups. Stylish design and colours Senseo coffee makers come in delightful, stylish designs and colours from red, black, blue to white and green.

Where to purchase?

The website of Douwe Egberts UK is a valuable starting point. You will be redirected to the store locator that finds shops that are nearest to your location. Otherwise, Douwe Egberts or Senseo coffee makers can be purchased at many appliance stores such as : Currys
Amazon UK
Philips UK
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