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Where to buy a Maytag washer dryer

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer, consider purchasing Maytag appliances. This company has a solid reputation for selling high performing machines that will meet laundry washing and drying requirements. Find out why these appliances are trusted by consumers and learn where to find dealers in your location.

The Maytag line

History The Maytag Company was founded in 1898. In 1986, it changed its name to the Maytag Corporation. It also bought Magic Chef and Amana. Since then, it began producing a full range of machines including Amana appliances. Today, it forms part of the Whirlpool Corporation. The value of the Maytag brand Maytag appliances are high end brand names in the so-called 'white goods' industry. They are valued for several reasons: Performance Maytag dryers and Maytag washers are top performing machines that will get all laundry tasks done efficiently and effectively. Each machine is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring maximum performance. One of the best washers introduced to the market is the Maytag Neptune. To this day, each model is built to last a long time and are made from components that are durable and sturdy. Stylish Elegance and style are reflected in every washer and dryer from the Maytag line. Compact The Slimline series of washers are compact and fit in any corner of your washroom. After sales repair and service If you need Maytag oven parts or a replacement for your washer with a top load, Maytag repair and Maytag service centres are available through authorised dealers. Full range of home appliances Maytag does not only manufacture quality washers and dryers but also Maytag dishwasher and Maytag refrigerators.

Dealers selling Maytag washer dryer

To start looking for your ideal washer dryer combos or your stacking washer dryer, browse on the Maytag UK website. The store locator button helps you to find dealers in at least 140 areas in the UK including London, Aberdeen and Surrey. Other useful details include the complete name of the store, physical and website address, telephone numbers and postal code. A few of the stores are listed below: - Comet
- John Lewis
- Buyers and Sellers
- Appliance World
- Deals 4 UK Limited
- Premiers Kitchen
- Hephers Electricals
- Samson
- Mains Electrical
- Capital Refrigeration Services Ltd
- Stellison
- Stones Electrical
- Sampson
- Spark World
- Hillcrest Kitchens Limited
- Frasers
- John Taylor Giffnock
- Living for Style Ltd
- Panorama Kitchens
- Euromarketing
- Garlands
- Hi-Fi General
- Bulthaup
- Kitchen Design Centre
- Woodall Ltd
- Coopers Electrical Superstore
- Newcastle Furniture Ltd.

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