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Where to buy a standing seam roof

Metal roofs date back to at least 970 BC when the a copper roof was applied to a temple in Jerusalem. Metal roofs were prized for their durability and ability to withstand strong hurricane winds while giving a pleasing appearance to the roofs. The first standing seam metal roofs were first introduced in the 1700s and were made of copper. As steel production became less expensive, steel roofs became popular as well. Standing seam roofs are available today. Read on to learn more.


Copper standing seam roofs are available through companies such as Beh Roofing and 5m Unlimited. Companies such as these specialise in traditional roofing installation. Some of the recent projects include the roof at the Tate Gallery Tower and in private estates. The roof systems often feature gutters and down pipes as well. Copper begins as a shiny red-gold colour that develops a greenish patena over time. Copper standing seam roofs are durable and long-lasting.


Steel standing seam roofs are also available and they can be structural, such as for commercial buildings, or as metal cladding for the roof. Roof decking can be made of steel as well, but they consist more of an under-layer that supports the weather-tight top roofing material. The standing seam roofs made of steel can come in sheets that are affixed to the building either as new roofing or replacement roofing. Companies that sell steel standing seam roofs are Tata Steel, Euroclad, and Rigi Systems. These roofs come in a variety of colours.

Aluminum and zinc

Companies that sell steel standing seam roofs also sell zinc and aluminum roofs as well. Aluminum standing seam roofs are available and they can be more expensive than steel standing seam roofs. They may fade over time which necessitate painting to make them bright again. They resist corrosion, like steel, which make them a popular metal roof choice. Zinc standing seam roofs are available at companies like VMZINC and PSP UK. The colour of the zinc roof fades to a warm gray and does not corrode. It is also able to resist water and is termed
"self-protecting." Both zinc and aluminum standing seam roofs are available in a variety of
colours -more so with aluminum.

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Where to buy standing seam roofing

Where to buy standing seam roofing

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