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Where to buy discount wedding rings

Weddings and commitment ceremonies can be expensive enough without having to take the added cost of rings into account. The average UK couple spends £12,000 on their wedding. This includes everything from the ceremony to the rings. Read on to find out where to buy discount wedding rings and save yourself some money for your reception.

Engagement rings

Are you wondering how to buy an engagement ring for the one you love? Read on for some tips about this initial commitment token. Traditionally, engagement rings in the UK consisted of diamonds engagement rings. It is also said that a groom was supposed to spend a month and half's wages on his ring. This prospect may terrify you, but you don't have to worry as there are discount diamonds rings for sale.

Wedding rings

Traditionally, people have gold wedding rings for UK weddings. Unlike the engagement rings, the choice of the wedding rings isn't left to men. In this case, you need a man's wedding ring and a woman's. You also need to make the choice together as you will be wearing them forever. Some people prefer to buy platinum or titanium wedding rings, but this is down to your personal choice.

Eternity rings

After you've been married for some time, it is traditional for a husband to buy his wife anniversary bands, or 'eternity rings as they are most commonly known. In the UK, other gifts like gold and platinum earrings to match your rings are becoming more popular as a cheaper option, but eternity rings give out a really clear and romantic message, that is, you want to be with your partner forever.

Choosing your ring

Before you choose your ring, consider your partner's personal preferences. Does she like small intricate designs, or is she into flashy bling? It is a good idea to get off to a good start in marriage with a ring especially picked for your betrothed. Remember to get the right size ring - although it can be resized at a later date, it's much nicer to have a perfect ring instantly.


There are numerous jewellery shops where you can buy engagement, wedding and eternity rings from. If you are looking for a good deals, watch out for their sales. Most stores have them during the summer period and the period leading up to Christmas. You could also try buying a ring from a second-hand or antique shop for a better deal.


Check out the High Street stores' websites. They may have online exclusive deals and offers which could benefit your wallet. Alternatively, check out discount sites and try looking on eBay. Although you will be buying second-hand ones, you may still find the perfect rings.

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