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Where to buy replacement Dell computer parts

Do you own a Dell computer? Are you wondering where you can find replacement parts for your Dell computer? In that case, you don’t have to spend your time searching, visiting retail stores and browsing through hundreds of magazines and websites. Read the following article and find out all the interesting facts that you need to know about buying Dell computer parts.

Where to search for replacement Dell computer parts

If you are interested in purchasing Dell PC spares, software and laptop components and other relative laptop and desktop Dell accessories, you have two options. You can either purchase the Dell spare parts that you want online from the Dell official online store or visit a Dell authorised retail store. Yet, if you don’t know where your local Dell authorised retailer is located, you can visit the Dell UK official website and find out by using the website’s retailer locator online search tool.

How to buy replacement Dell computer parts online

If you wish to purchase parts for your Dell computer online, you should visit the Dell online store. In order to use Dell’s online services, visit the company’s UK official website at and sign in using your personal username and password. If you are a registered Dell user, you can start searching for the computer parts that you want. Yet, if you are not registered to Dell, you need to follow the website’s registration process. Click under the ‘Create an Account’ section and fill in the form displayed by providing your e-mail and any personal information required. Press the ‘Sign Up’ button and activate your Dell account. As soon as you have successfully completed the registration process, you can log in to the Dell store and start shopping. Find the replacement Dell computer parts that you need, put them in your electronic basket and order them.

How to buy replacement Dell computer parts from a retailer

If you don’t like shopping online, you can visit a Dell authorised retail store. If you want to find your local Dell authorised retailer, visit the Dell UK official website and benefit from the website’s retailer locator tool. You just have to click under the ‘Dell partners’ section and select ‘Search for Dell certified partners’. Enter your city or town of residence in the appropriate box, press the ‘Search’ button and select the retailer that better suits your needs from the displayed list.

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