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Where to buy replacement kitchen cupboard doors

There's a flourishing mini industry in the UK, which is centred around the manufacture and sale of replacement kitchen cupboard doors and door accessories. These are not doors made by the neighbourhood carpenter, but branded products from a door company like Kitchen Direct. Each of these companies provides everything from cupboard doors to bedroom doors, bathroom doors and wardrobes doors. This article guides you to where replacement kitchen cupboard doors can be bought.


The Wickes stores are always good for home improvement and repair supplies. This includes cupboard doors and cabinets, of which they have a nice selection. They have everything from shaker style cabinet drawers to door-to-door hinges, bolts and sheet material.


For those willing or able to DIY, the options are more wide-ranging. There are stores like Kitchen Direct, The Cabinet Door Shop (, Lark & Larks ( and Kitchen Door Workshop ( Customers buying replacement doors from these stores will find a mind-numbing variety of doors in all shapes and sizes, colours and of different materials and styles. Customers can buy it online and pick up the door in person, or have it home-delivered.

Online stores

Actually, those shopping online may find an even larger variety of cupboard doors listed for sale on large shopping sites like Amazon or eBay.

Door makers

However, the best way to buy a replacement door for a kitchen or bathroom cabinet or a wardrobe is to get it directly from the door manufacturer. This refers to a company like Just Doors ( which has its own factory, and which has been supplying doors to customers all over the UK for more than 30 years. Just Doors provides made-to-measure doors and bespoke replacement kitchen cupboard doors and bedroom doors. Customers can order online from a choice of different door types, including shaker style, fielded panel, granite worktops and V-joint doors. For those who need to get it measured first, the company can arrange to have it measured, manufactured and delivered. They can send a swatch sample, if required. They also make and sell many different types of handles. There are also other door makers like The Door Store ( which has a 'Multi Door' ideal for wardrobes and cupboards. It is made from MDF, with an oak finish and paint ready pre-primed. They have a 20% off sale, and can home-deliver the doors.

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