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Where to find bungalows for sale abroad

Whether you’re looking for homes for sale, or a Spanish home for a retirement bungalow, you will need to know where to look in order to get the best bargains. People cannot be expected to travel abroad a lot so as to look at houses to buy the same way that you would in the UK. This article will look at a couple of options that are available to people buying holiday flats.

Online estate agents

There are many online estate agents that you can search in order to collect information before you go on a trip to look at homes to buy. Some of these sites such as Rightmove have specialist sections that deal with selling homes. Other sites will have the same options, and some specialist sites will provide you with contacts in your chosen country so that you can stay appraised of the situation. They can also advise you of properties in the selected area coming up for sale. This online approach works up to a certain extent, but anyone who is thinking about moving abroad should plan a couple of trips. This is to check out the areas that are appealing and to make sure that they feel the same in person.

Friends and family

If you know anyone who lives abroad already, it is likely that arrangements have been made to go over and search for areas that interest you. Some people rent their homes for a few months, whilst they visit friends and set up their lives abroad. This means that they have money coming in, whilst also making sure that they are going to actually enjoy their new lives. Friends and families will also give honest answers to questions and queries about the area. This is something that an estate will do as well, but they are known to rose tint aspects if they feel that it might affect a potential sale.


These are just two options of the many hundreds that are available to people looking to move abroad. Some people have been known to fall in love with a place, and buy property on a whim whilst they are away. This can be risky but it works for some. Others plan everything out by using the online methods mentioned, and it takes them a while. However, they eventually find the perfect property. Regardless of the method used, it is important that every base is covered, usually before the move, so that people do not run into problems that they have not anticipated.

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