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Where to find the latest Dell offers

Through the years, Dell has cemented its name as one of the top brands for computers, boosting a wide range of products from business laptops to gamer desktops. This article will serve as a guide to finding the best and latest deals on Dell computers.

Official website

The best way to get the latest Dell offers is by simply visiting their official website. Dell UK online is updated, informative and most importantly, filled with offers and promotions all year round. Offers These offers range from free software and hardware upgrades, discounts, promotional gifts and voucher codes. In addition to getting your Dell computer directly from them and avoiding middlemen altogether, delivery is usually free and within two working days after the online payment, eliminating the hustle of driving to the nearest High Street and looking for deals there altogether. Customer support
The website also features excellent customer support where you can talk to a Dell customer support online and in real-time (a more convenient system in contrast to waiting for email responses from other brand sites). This way, if you still have doubts on the model that has the best offer or product specifications, you can easily get the answers by talking to one of their support officers via online chat or call.


You also might want to check your local superstores such as Tesco or Asda because they do have frequent laptop computers sales and Dell PC notebooks, which sometimes go even lower compared to their prices on Dell's official site. Though, nowhere near as wide as the product range found on Dell's official site, Tesco or Asda also have latest models on their shelves. Advice PC World and Curry's also offer massive clearance sales on their desktops and laptops (Dell included). Always make sure to check and compare prices of the models you intend to buy first. Sometimes, these websites run promotions such as free gifts or trade-in offers for your old laptop.


More often than not, eBay has one of the best deals on laptops. If you are still looking to save on a few quids despite sales and promotional discounts on other sites, then you might want to check out Dell's very own eBay store. Unlike fixed prices on their official site, Dell's eBay store gives the customer a chance to bid on their desired laptop, giving them a chance to snag one for a cheaper price.

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