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Where to get an education grant

Education grants can be used to support or supplement your training and they can usually be obtained through an academic institution when applying for a training course. Grants can be used to pay for course fees or for course materials such as books, stationery and a computer if they are required for the course. This article details out where to get an education grant.

Family Action Grants Programme

The Family Action Grants Programme can offer funding through a variety of programmes.
Family Actions Educational Grants They target families and those on a low income. These grants are also provided for those who can get employment through training and are available to those who are of British nationality. They are generally between £200 and £300.

Adult Learning Grant

The Adult Learning Grant is another form of funding available for adults, but as from September 2011, it will cease being called the Adult Learning Grant and will be part of discretionary learner support. In order to apply, you must be
19 years old or older. To make an application as from September 2011, you will be able to apply for the Discretionary Learner Support through a college or learning provider. The funding available can be used to cover the costs of childcare, travelling to and from training, books, equipment and other study essentials. To find out whether you are eligible for this funding and information on how to apply, you need to consult your local college or training provider to ascertain the application process.

University funding streams

Universities also offer discretionary funding towards degree qualifications and this can normally be obtained through the university’s financial support division. Funding for degree courses usually consist of two categories namely, funding for the actual course and a non-repayable grant. Financial support applications have to be submitted as soon as possible before the start of the course in order to be sure to receive the funding. In addition to the course financial support, students are sometimes eligible for a grant after the start of the course. This can be used to purchase books, stationery, paper and other study essentials throughout the duration of the year. Final word There is also normally a limit for each academic year as to how much financial support can be awarded.

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