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Where to get gluten free flour

Gluten free flour is part of the celiac diet. A gluten free diet will eliminate inflammation in the small intestines and will help sufferers to better control their symptoms. Gluten free flours are readily available all over the world and come in many types. Many companies specialise in these wheat free flours to help celiac sufferers live a healthier life.

How to make your own gluten free flour

Although buying gluten free flour is easy and quick to do, you can make your own gluten free flour at home in your kitchen. It takes a little bit effort and some dried beans. One of the easiest flours to make is chickpea flour. It is also one of the tastiest to make too. You will need a heavy duty blender, such as Braun that has a cutter blade at the bottom. Simply place 1/2 pound of chickpeas in the blender and pulse. Start pulsing slowing and then on full speed. Have a wooden spoon to move the flour around as needed. Next, place the flour in small amounts in a coffee grinder and blend to a very fine flour. Now, you want to sift the flour well to remove any larger pieces of the beans. Any type of bean can be done this way, such as white beans (navy beans).

Where to buy gluten free flour in the US

If you live near a Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or Kroger's, then you have access to gluten free flours. One of the most popular places to buy top quality gluten free flour is at a company named Bob's Red Mill. His flours are sold all over the world and even seen in Israel and Jordan. Other places to purchase gluten free flours are: -Tom Sawyer gluten free flour -Publix -Stop and shop -Wegmans -King Arthur's flour

Where to buy gluten free flour in the UK

If you live in the UK and want to buy some gluten free flour and products, then why not try: Sainsbury's, Dove's Farm and Glebe Flour Farm. Make sure that when you are ordering your flour, you include tapioca flour for thickening. A good recipe combination to use is one part tapioca flour and three parts gluten free flour. Flours that are not gluten free are: Barley, bulgur, durham, farina, graham flour, kamut, matzo meal, rye, semolina, spelt (a form of wheat) and triticale.

How to make gluten free bread

Once that you are ready to begin to bake and enjoy some delicious organic bread, then you must have a recipe. Chickpeas are commonly used in breads along with sorghum flour, millet flour and potato starch (not potato flour). Being on a gluten free diet, does not mean that you are limited in your food choices. Here are a few websites with many gluten free recipes:

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