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a guide to buying a rustic kitchen

Putting together the perfect country style rustic kitchen is all about getting the right design elements in place in your blueprints. Think of old stone and antique rustic tables and you are on the right lines. Here's a few more things to think about when planning the perfect rustic country kitchen for your home or investment property.


Classic stone flooring will give a clean yet rustic look to your country kitchen. Some kitchen flooring can cost much money if you source it from dealers. A good way to get the flooring you need is to contact a quarry or stone merchant dictlyre and ask to do a deal. People in this industry have a lot of lee way when costs are concerned, so you could get a great deal. Concentrate on light colours and non-brittle surfaces to make your stone flooring comfortable and safe to walk on. If you don't fancy stone, then why not try traditional wood flooring and match it with wood furniture and wood tables. Oak is a lovely material but can be very expensive. Pine too is great for that traditionally country kitchen feel.


You must avoid modern or metallic furniture in your rustic kitchen unless you are going for the 18th/19th century French look, in which case, a nice round cast iron table and chairs makes an excellent centrepiece.
Wooden furniture You can concentrate on furniture like wooden tables, wooden stands and wooden sideboards to bring the outside in and give your kitchen a natural appeal. Antique furniture is the best option for rustic kitchens if you can afford it.

Cupboards and workspaces

Giving your kitchen the best look Make your cupboards stand out against a light flooring by making them a nice deep oak or pine colour. Keeping the wood's natural colour with simply a layer or two of protective wood stain on it, will make sure that your kitchen does not look modern or overdone with technology. Rustic pine is a pleasure to own and will get the attention of your guests. It also adds a massive value to your house if you do it well. Stone work surfaces look great in rustic kitchens.

Accessories and utensils

Antique cooking equipment Make your accessories and utensils work the rustic look by buying antique cooking equipment like traditional weight scales or by having a range of ornate jars containing herbs lined-up along your wooden furniture and shelving units.
A final word Try to keep to non-metal look utensils to avoid the modern kitchen impression. Instead, you can opt for wooden or coated metal tools and gadgets.

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