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A great recipe for beef ribs

Beef have been farmed for centuries. The first evidence of beef farming dates back to 5000 BC Babylon. Beef ribs were "left as sustenance" in ancient Egyptian tombs, according to "Discovering Beef Farming." Robert Blackwell began breeding his cattle to "produce animals with a deep body and a large rump and hind legs" for the best cuts of meat. One of the favourite cuts of beef are ribs. In this article, learn about a timeless recipe for cooking beef ribs

Select the meat

Select the ribs of beef cut that you like. Make sure that it is cut to your specifications, such as narrow or wide, and enough for the number of people whom you wish to serve. Grass-fed beef will be best, but any beef that is raised without hormones will also be good. Choose to have the bones removed or remove them yourself.


- Prepare the ribs for cooking. - Remove the bones from the meat, if they have not been removed for you. - Roll the meat tightly, securing it with skewers made of bamboo or wood so that it will not unroll while cooking. If the skewers don't work, bind the beef with string. - Add the seasoning that you would like to the beef ribs. Include salt, pepper, pressed or powdered garlic and or onion, and basil, marjoram, tarragon or sage.

Cook the beef ribs

- Preheat the oven to 390 degrees F. - Add some butter to a pan and cook the rolled meat until it is browned on all sides. - Transfer the meat to a roasting pan. Cook the meat for 30 minutes, basting it with the juices in the bottom of the pan. - Reduce the oven heat to 355 degrees F, and cook the meat for 15 minutes per pound (for example, if the ribs weigh 5 pounds, then cook for 75 minutes). - Remove the ribs when they are cooked to your specifications and set aside. Cut the string, if some were used, and exchange the skewers with decorative ones. - Strain the juices that are in the bottom of the pan and form a roux by adding two tablespoons of flour. - Bring the juices and flour to a simmer in the pan, stirring all the while. - Serve the rolled beef ribs with gravy.

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