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A guide to a Toshiba laptop power supply

Do you need to buy a Toshiba laptop power supply? Find out what to look for when you purchase a power supply.

Accessing the problem

You may have numerous reasons why you need a power supply.
For example, if the laptop AC adapter is not holding charge, it may be a problem with either the Toshiba adapter or the battery.
You may think you need to fix the laptop, but it may be the laptop cords that are messed up. Instead of trying to replace laptop parts, try to access the problem in the adapter for laptop before attempting to take it to a shop.
You can take it to the laptop shop, but it is going to very expensive to repair your laptop because they charge a lot. If the laptop runs perfectly fine with the adapter in but does not hold charge, than you need a new battery. If the laptop just does not get any charge at all from the adapter, it is most likely the adapter's problem. You can also try putting the adapter in another laptop to confirm that the adapter does not work. Now that you know the problem, let's figure out how to buy a new laptop power supply.

Buying a new power supply

New supply
Buying laptop chargers is not an easy task as the wrong one could ruin the connectors of your laptop.
The different brands such as Tecra laptop, HP laptop adapter, dell power adapter, Acer power supplies are all different, so you have to purchase the correct one. Laptops from Toshiba all generally use the same power adapter, so you want to first search by brand. When you look to buy Toshiba chargers, you want to look at a few things in the laptop AC adapters. First, you want to check the design of the cable. If it looks like it matches your old one, great; however, you're not done yet. Final word
Laptop power cables differ in that they use different voltages, so you want to check the voltage on the laptop AC adapters.
You will find that the voltage is written as 4.5V or something of that sort.
All chargers will have a voltage written on them, and it is crucial you match them up or else you will damage your laptop motherboard.
Final word
Now that you know what to look for when buying laptop power cords, go out there and find the right one for you!

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