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A guide to buying CD printers

While buying CD printers, one needs to be well-aware of the technical specifications of the product. In the category of printer copiers, there are two categories available: inkjet printer and thermal printer. If you are providing duplication services, then CD disc printers are highly recommended. This article is a guide to buying CD printers.

CD duplication services: The facts

In the category of CD duplicators, buying CD disc printers, with automatic loading system seems to be the right choice. In this case, the production capacity per hour will be quite satisfactory. In a small office set-up where people print a few CDs each day or week, printer copiers belonging to the inkjet disc printers are recommended. To know one’s requirements from a CD printer, one needs to assess the needs of printing on CDs in a month. While evaluating the need for CD duplicators, take into consideration all factors, including the peak seasons and slack periods. Automatic CD printer is the right choice for people who run duplication services wherein one needs to print large quantities of CDs on a regular basis. For small office set-ups, manual loading works just fine.

Efficiency, resolution: Key factors for CD printers

While selecting CD copiers, efficiency is the key factor. In other words, while purchasing CD disc printers, you need to consider the speed per disc. Bear in mind that printing in black is time-saving measure while printing in colour is quite
time-consuming. To give a fair estimate of the speed of duplication services, it is worthwhile to note that you can print two hundred CDs in one hour with black ink, while the speed is substantially reduced to only 50 CDs of full colour. CD/DVD replication is provided by CD printers which have special printing software. High quality prints will be produced only when a high quality resampling algorithm is embedded in the software. The process of DPI gets simplified with this process, together with enhanced resolution and print sizes.

CD duplication services: Thermal and inkjet printers

If you deal with CD-ROM duplication on a regular basis, then choose a CD printer that permits you to have CD prints in sufficiently high volumes. Many types of CD printers are available commercially. You may choose the one which is customised to suit your needs. For office set-ups, the most preferred forms of CD printing UK include the thermal and the inkjet printers. These are characterised with a minimum capacity of 100 discs, while for commercial purposes, markets include laser printers having a capacity exceeding 1000 disc capacity.

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