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A guide to buying a bathroom carpet

A bathroom carpet is often the most overlooked bathroom necessity. These carpets are the most effective and inexpensive way to give your dull, mundane bathroom a refurbished and chic look. Here are a few pointers to choose the perfect bathroom carpet.


There are various types of bath carpets available in the market. You can choose a small bath rug or a typical carpet mat that covers the entire floor area. Bath mats with air pockets and rubberised mats are also a viable carpeting option in case safety is your first priority.


If you are opting for a carpet styled floor mat, you must ensure that the length of the mat is such that it does not run below the bathtub or the toilet seat. This may cause the carpet to remain damp for days leading to early damage. If you are buying a small bathroom carpet, then make sure that the size complements the size of the bathroom. A carpet too large can eat up space and look clumsy whereas a carpet, which is too small, looks out of place.


While choosing the style of your bath carpet, you should keep in mind the traffic of the bathroom in question. If you have a big family, especially kids, then it is wise to go for a densely waved or uncut bath carpet as they can endure dirt and grime for a much longer period. A plush carpet style can be used for the master or guest bathrooms which have considerably less traffic.

Colours and safety measures

Most people tend to use white or beige for their bathroom, however, bathroom carpets are available in almost all colours these days. The colour of the carpet must complement or contrast the colour of the bathroom wall in order to give your bathroom a perfect finish. In addition, an important thing to remember is that light colours exhibit more dirt, so choose your carpet colour depending on the number of people using the bathroom. However, colours, which are too dark, tend to make the bathroom look smaller than it actually is. Most bath carpets are reversible but many have one side lined with rubber to prevent slipping. This is an absolute necessity for kids and elderly people who are prone to bathroom accidents. If the bath mat or carpet of your choice is not rubber lined, then you can always get them lined by rubber mats that fit perfectly. Absorbent mats are a necessity as they soak up excessive water and prevent slippage and accidents. The right bathroom carpet can give your bathroom a brand new feel and bear testimony to your personal aesthetic style. Happy bath carpet hunting!!

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How to choose a double quilt cover

How to choose a double quilt cover

The double bed was the most chosen bed for many years until the king bed finally supplanted it recently. It is still a popular bed choice owing to the fact that it does not take up as much floor space as a king-sized bed. Finding sheets for the double bed is not hard as it is considered a standard size. When shopping at a bedding shop for double bed quilt covers, there are some details to keep in mind.
How to make your own ring cushion

How to make your own ring cushion

The ring cushion used in a wedding is a treasured souvenir for any couple. If you have a sewing machine at home and a little experience with needlework, the step-by-step instructions provided in this article will help you to make your very own personalised cushion for the ring in no time. Simply, get the things required to make a ring pillow and follow the instructions provided in the subsequent paragraphs to make one of a kind ring pillow which can very well become a part of your family heirloom.
Where to obtain discount fabric

Where to obtain discount fabric

Fabric has been a part of our history ever since mankind began harvesting and weaving flax in 5000 + BC. From flax, men turned it into cotton, wool and silk, then began making fabric from chemicals creating rayon, acetate and more. When you are a tailor, a seamstress, a costumer or someone who enjoys sewing, buying fabric at discount prices is a boon. Fortunately, there is more than one source from which you can find quality fabric without paying a fortune.