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A guide to buying gel bras

A gel bra is a form of breast enhancement without actually having to go under the knife. Gel bras are akin to push-up-bras, in the sense that they take up space in the bra, making the breasts appear larger, and sometimes pushing them together to enhance the cleavage. The cups of gel bras will either be filled with gel or water, or may contain removable inserts place in them, filled with the same liquid.

Your purpose

When choosing a custom bra, keep in mind the purpose of your purchase. If you are simply looking to enhance the size of your breasts, then choosing a gel bra will depend much on how it fits you. Many women prefer gel bras to padded or push-ups because of their natural feel. However, if you are looking for a gel bra to even out uneven breasts (one noticeably larger than the other), then be sure to purchase only a gel bra which uses inserts, so that the one can be taken out to account for the extra flesh. There are also customised bras available for this.

Choose a size

Sometimes, not many women realise that when first trying on a gel bra or padded bra, their size may go up. Someone who is a 36B, may want to try a 38 when choosing a gel or push up bra, since the cup inserts may take up much space.

Try it on

Whether you are looking for an extra boost of confidence, or to exaggerate the size of your breasts, remember to choose a water bra which is going to look at least halfway natural. Try the push up bras on before purchasing to ensure that they do not give the breasts an unnatural shape.

Examine the look

When trying on a bra, check the tightness of the straps to see whether the bra contains the right amount of cleavage and breast enhancement which you are looking for.

Put a shirt on

Put your shirt on when you are trying on gel, water or padded bras. What might look good on the bare chest may seem oddly shaped when being underneath an article of clothing. You may notice things which you wouldn't have otherwise, such as a pointed shape or spillage.

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