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A guide to commercial laundry equipment

Commercial laundry equipment is required to be extensively used in many locations or environments, particularly within hospitals, hotels and residential schools. It can be broken down into the different categories of machines that may be required within the commercial cleaning requirements of an industry. Read the guide below to learn about commercial laundry equipment and its uses.

Washing and drying machines

Commercial washing equipment
Modern commercial washing machines have a new look and better design; they are more stylish than their older models. The newer machines are made to the highest standards, run quietly and are more efficient with dosing systems.They have rinse aids fitted so that the washed items come out looking as good as they were before use. They are ideal for schools, factories, hospitals, restaurants and hotels.
Commercial tumble dryers
Many industrial tumble dryers within the commercial sector in the UK come with safety features including sensory-activated fire extinguishers as part of the safety package. As well as operating to high safety standards, the modern machines also run very efficiently. They are popular for commercial laundries or dry cleaners, apartment blocks and sheltered housing and home-care facilities.

Other commercial laundry equipment

Hydro extractors
These are built in order to spin at very high speeds which enable commercial laundry to be dried at a very fast rate. The speed of operation of these commercial machines saves both time and energy, and comes complete with easy-to-use controls. Commercial ironing machines
The latest in commercial ironing machines are very easy to use, with low maintenance required throughout its daily use. They are also extremely good with regard to energy efficiency, and are smaller in size. Therefore, they require less space than the older style machines. Safety features include finger guard protection, over-heating thermostats as well as emergency stop buttons. Some models have multi-feed options to press many items within each operation.
Soap injection systems
Commercial auto equipment is now producing auto-dosing soap injection into the leading commercial laundry equipment used in the UK. The liquid soap is designed to be injected into the machines in set amount and at the correct stage of the wash process. Other machines use powdered soap injection systems. These complex systems mean that there is no handling of the soap and no wastage. It is cleaner and safer to use with no blockages, or scaling of the machine.

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