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A guide to door security

No matter how solid your door is, it's ultimately only as strong as the metal that holds it in place. While naturally fitting alarms door will greatly increase your house's security, here are a few simple hardware upgrades to consider for high security doors without the expense. This article acts as a guide to door security.

Heavy-duty mortice deadlock

A mortice deadlock is a low-cost, high-value addition to your security system. The lock's bolt closes into a plate recessed into the door frame, making a secure fixing. A deadlock can only be opened with a key and varieties include double cylinder deadbolts, which can only be opened from one side. Use only locks manufactured from British standard BS 3621 and look for a mortice lock with a minimum of five levers for good security. If your front door has only a cylinder lock, make a mortice deadlock your first addition.

Strike box

A strike box toughens up the entrance to your home and reduces security risks by replacing existing strike plates with a structure that includes a metal pocket within the mortice in the frame, oversized plates and a solid connection into the wall stud behind the door jam with extra long screws. To accommodate this security installation, you'll need to enlarge both the hole chiselled into the jam and the cover plate recess.

Reinforcement plate

A three-sided, wraparound metal reinforcement plate adds an extra layer of security by encasing a section of the door itself around its deadbolt. This will extend the door's edge by the thickness of the metal, so you may need to deepen the hinge mortices on the other side of the door to prevent catching and sticking. London bar Chiselling away wood to fit a mortice lock into a door also weakens the basic structure of the door, making it susceptible to being kicked in from outside. A London bar is a steel strip that runs down the inside of the door frame, from top to bottom, spreading the impact of anyone trying to force entry and thus strengthening the doors' security.

A wide-angle peephole

This easy-to-install safety accessory is designed to fit any standard thickness external door and avoids you having to open the door to any unwanted callers. Rolling door shutters If you are prepared to go to a great deal, more expensive, then rolling door shutters are one of the best home security devices around. The shutters' security will altogether eradicate any possibility of door access to intruders. Unfortunately, you will then need to concentrate on window security.

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