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A guide to eating healthy on a budget

Contrary to popular belief, it is far easier to eat healthily on a budget than to eat unhealthily on a budget. In this article, find out different ways to save money on food, as well as a few specific cheap, healthy meal ideas.

How to eat healthily on a budget

Overview Believe it or not, eating healthily on a budget is quite simple.
The most expensive meats, such as beef are the worst for you, so if you want to cook with meat, use chicken instead, it's leaner, healthier and cheaper! Furthermore, you don't have to cook with meat at all!
Making a vegetable lasagna is far cheaper and healthier than making a meat one, for example. This leads on to the next tip.
Buy and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Rather than purchasing them from the supermarket with everything else, buy them at your local green grocer, and you'll save money every week.
Fruit makes a great snack, and is much more healthy and less expensive than things like biscuits and chocolate bars. Make sure that you always have a bunch of bananas in your fruit bowl, for example, and your family will never go hungry again. A great, very healthy way to cut down your food bill, is to make everything from scratch.
Rather than buying ready meals that are full of preservatives, salt and sugar, make things from home.
You can even take this a step further by growing your own herbs. Better still, look into renting space at an allotment and grow your own vegetables!
Why not make your own bread?
Whole meal bread is far, far better for you than white, so make a loaf of that every day (depending on how much you need) and have egg, pilchards, sardines, baked beans or tomatoes on toast for one meal a day: cheap and healthy.

Cheap, healthy meal ideas

Recipes Here are a few healthy recipe ideas, that are cheap and easy to make: Breakfast and lunch
Poached egg on whole meal toast
Pilchards on whole meal toast
Sardines on whole meal toast
Baked beans on whole meal toast
Cereal with skimmed milk Dinner
Vegetarian or chicken lasagna
Vegetarian or chicken chili con carne
Vegetables with whole grain pasta
Steamed fish (of your choice) with salad and new potatoes

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