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A review of "Dog Training For Dummies"

A review of the instructive guidebook, "Dog Training for Dummies". This manual gives advice on training tips and techniques for you and your dog, in the hope of encouraging a more mutually respectful relationship. The book aims to make your dog a happier and better behaved friend.


The book contains 6 parts with titles such as 'Setting the Stage for Successful Training', ‘Tackling Training Basics’, and ‘Dealing with Special Situations’. Within these parts are a number of chapters that give step by step instructions on how to train your dog.
Chapters with titles 'Canine Psychology 101: Getting to Know Your Dog' make finding specific training information readily accessible. Information
Whether you want to find out why your dog behaves the way it does, prepare your home for a new puppy, teach basic commands or get involved in organized events, "Dog Training for Dummies" has all the information you need.
The chapters are well headed for easy access to specific information on different training tips and techniques to help you improve your skills when working with dogs.
The book also provides tips on how to keep your dog fit and healthy. Authors
The authors Jack and Wendy Volhard are an internationally recognized duo in the field of dog training, health and nutrition.
They use what they call the ‘motivational’ method that is aimed at people who value their pets primarily as pets and companions.
If you are using your dogs as work dogs or solely for performing, this book will not cater for your training needs

Who is it for

Target audience
"Dog Training For Dummies" can help anyone who has just brought a puppy or is thinking of getting one.
Even if you have experience with dog training, you’ll find useful information for a wide variety of dog breeds and personalities.
This book will be helpful even if you have never done any training before or have done some but with limited success.
As the title suggests this is not for the seasoned professional. Why buy it
If you are thinking of getting a dog, or training a dog you currently own, "Dog Training for Dummies" has all the information you need.
The book shows you how to select the right training method for your puppy or adult dog, based on his or her unique personality.
It has all the latest information you will need to make your dog a better and happier friend.
Unless you are thinking of training your dog to enter Crufts, this will be the only book you will ever need.

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