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All about: Annie (movie)

A work of note simply for being the great director, John Huston's only film foray into musicals, the 'Annie' movie from 1982 is an adaptation of the 1977 stage musical of the same name. The stage, musical in turn, was an adaptation of the strip cartoon 'Little Orphan Annie', authored by Harold Gray in the 1920s.


'Annie' the film, is set during the Great Depression and concerns the adventures of an orphan named Annie, a feisty and resourceful little girl who repeatedly tries to run away from the orphanage in which she is confined. During one of her escapes, she meets a dog which she names Sandy, but both of them are caught by a police officer who compels Annie to return to the orphanage, while Sandy faces being turned into sausage meat. Both are saved by a woman named, Grace Farrell. Farrell turns out to be the secretary of a billionaire named Oliver Warbucks, who is seeking an orphan to stay with him as a means of improving his public image. Through a convoluted series of events, which involve an attempted assassination as well as a trip to meet President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Annie, in the end finds the loving home for which she always wished.

Characters and cast

Albert Finney The 'Annie' cast features some famous names. British heavyweight actor, Albert Finney, plays the role of Warbucks, with Tim Curry, famous for 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', playing the role of con artist Rooster.
Aileen Quinn The role of Annie was played by child actor Aileen Quinn, in her first film role, who later went on to teach at Hudson Catholic Regional High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, as well as act. Director Huston makes a cameo appearance as a radio actor who goes uncredited. Acclaimed Broadway performer, Bernadette Peters, played Rooster's girlfriend Lily, while dancer and choreographer Ann Reinking starred as Grace Farrell. Carol Burnett The actress and comedian, Carol Burnett, filled the key role of Agatha Hannigan, who runs the orphanage.

Other points

Some of the 'Annie' orphans later went on to star in other spheres, with one such being pop singer Martika, then known as Marta Marrero II, who was one of Annie's fellow dancing orphans in the film.
'Maybe' The film also helped to make several of the iconic songs from the film even more famous. 'Maybe' from 'Annie' remains one of the film's most famous songs, while 'Tomorrow' remains an anthem of optimism for people around the world.

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