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All about: Male hair loss

Male hair loss, often referred to as, male pattern baldness or male baldness, is actually a medical condition called androgenic alopecia that affects many men throughout the world. Hair loss in men is the result of a sensitive reaction to the male hormone androgens that affects certain areas of the scalp, usually the top of the head. This article will dig deeper into this subject.

Why do men lose their hair?

Hair loss is a genetic condition and until recently, there has been little that could be done to stop baldness from appearing or stop it once it begins. Today, there are various baldness treatments available. Some of these are more effective than others. Causes Some men have sensitive areas on their scalps caused by male hormones in the blood. The hormones cause the follicles of the hair to shrink, preventing hair from growing. Most commonly, hair loss will begin as a receding hairline and starts between the age of 20 and 50. Effects Eventually, the bald spots become larger and create a U-shaped area of hair loss on the top of the head. Some men become completely bald. Others have smaller hair that are still able to come through the tiny follicles on the back and sides of the head. These hair are thin and fine, and do not constitute a very thick covering for the scalp.

Treatments for male hair loss

Medications There are many baldness treatments available. Medications and shampoos such as Rogaine and Propecia can help, but they can’t stop hair loss entirely. Hair surgery is available for some men. This is a process by which hair is added to the scalp and grows naturally. Surgery There are a variety of procedures including flap surgery, hair implants or transplants, and even surgical reduction. For the most part, these procedures are not covered by medical insurance.

Coping with male hair loss

Individual man deals with hair loss in different ways. Some men quietly accept the fact that they are bald, other choose surgery or medications in an attempt to rectify the problem. Wigs and other options For those who are not ready for surgery, wigs and other temporary hairpieces might be an option. However, it is important to realise that hair loss in men is a natural occurrence that sometimes cannot be avoided, hidden, or cured.

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