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Brotha Lynch Hung: biography

This article will explore the career of Sacramento rapper Brother Lynch Hung. It will go into his early career and his entry into music, as well as detailing his various albums as well as his impact on the rap sub-genre of horror core. It will also discuss his musical achievements.


Kevin Daniel Mann, as Brotha Lynch Hung was born, began rapping at the early age of eleven. He was initially influenced heavily by the extreme gangsta rapper X-Raided, and one of his first appearances on record was a collaboration with the latter. He set a remarkable standard early on when his debut EP 24 Deep charted at 91 on the Billboard Charts in 1993. His thick, intense flow, extremely graphic and provocative lyrics and willingness to shock with his brutal imagery quickly won him notoriety and fans. In 1995, Hung released Season of Da Siccness, arguably his most well-received album. It also climbed the charts, finishing at 26 on the Billboard charts.


1992 - First appearance on X-Raided's album Psycho Active
1993 - Releases debut EP 24 Deep
1995 - Releases classic debut album Season of Da Siccness
2002 - Releases Book III, his first album outside of Black Market Records, which was his longtime home
2009 - Signs label deal with Tech N9ne's Strange Music Records
2010 - Releases comeback album Dinner And A Movie
2011 - Critically acclaimed album Coathanga Strangla released

Career and Achievements

Brotha Lynch Hung is largely credited with sparking horror core rap as a sub-genre, which he arguably did from his very first recordings in the early 90s. His high-chart-placing debut albums in 1993 and 1995 were unique for an artist of his style at the time. In many ways, his success was partly due to the popularity of West Coast gangsta rap at the time, however his lyrics about cannibalism (among rather a lot else) gave his music its own appeal. He is also credited with a successful career comeback after signing with Tech N9ne in 2009. His album Dinner And A Movie (released in 2010) remains one of his most critically acclaimed releases, and is credited with helping bring him to a new audience.

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