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Buying guide: Shock absorber bra

Would you go out for a jog wearing high heels? Most people wouldn't because it could hurt your feet and legs. Wearing the wrong bra during exercise can do as much damage as running in heels. A shock absorber bra is a type of ultra-supportive sports bra. The right shock absorber bra will support breast tissue and ligaments, while the wrong sports bra leaves you open to damage from bouncing during exercise. The article below provides you a buying guide for this kind of bra.


When you buy a shock absorber or sports bra, look for bras labeled with band size and cup size to get the best fit. According to Women's Health magazine, bras designed to fit according to cup and band size usually fit more precisely than generically labeled bras. Avoid bras with generic labels, such as small, medium, and large. Measuring to find out your band size
To find your proper size, measure around your rib cage, right where the bra band rests. Add five inches to determine your band size. Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Each inch where the breast measurement is larger equals one cup size. Another way to determine your proper size is to get fitted professionally. Design
Look for sports bras with individual compartments for each breast, rather than a uni-paneled shelf bra. Individual chambers are generally thought to provide less bounce and more support.


Seams or seamless?
If you plan to wear the bra under a t-shirt, try it on with the t-shirt. Look for undesireable lumps caused by bulky seams. If you do not like the look of the seams, try a seamless sports bra as an alternative. Moisture-wicking fabric Avoid the discomfort of being overly sweaty in your sports bra by looking for bras made of moisture-wicking fabric. Examples of moisture-wicking fabric brands to look for are Cool-Max and Double Dry. Can you move? When you try on the bra, simulate the movements you will be making when you exercise for real. Swing your arms around, jump up and down, run in place a few steps. The bra should be comfortable the whole time, it should be loose enough so that there are no bulges, but it should not be loose enough for breasts to slip or pop out.

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